And Travis Tritt said it well, though he had no idea that those famous lyrics would mean something totally different in sixth generation country, now known as pop-country or hick-hop. Really? hick-hop? Yikes.

According to, for those of you that aren’t familiar, “Country music is a genre of American popular music that originated in Southern United States in the 1920s.It takes its roots from the southeastern genre of American folk music and Western music. Blues modes have been used extensively throughout its recorded history.Country music often consists of ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms and harmonies accompanied by mostly string instruments such as banjos, electric and acoustic guitars, fiddles, and harmonicas.

And let me reiterate an important essential part of that lovely description above…..

…generally simple forms and harmonies accompanied by mostly string instruments such as banjos, electric and acoustic guitars, fiddles, and harmonicas.

What’s that again….music with “simple forms and harmonies accompanied by mostly string instruments…”

OK. Just making sure we all got that right. We did, didn’t we? Country music is simple. It’s heartbreaking. It’s something that most people can relate to, even though the songs want to make them cry or shoot someone. IT’S REAL and that’s the beauty of it.

PLEASE. Reject the more polished country-pop sounds that don’t even have a real string instrument included in it. Forget this cookie-cutter sounding tailgates, trucks, cold beer, and girls, crap. STOP demanding that country music is just evolving. It’s not evolving. It’s loosing what it’s best known for……

Country music tells a story. A heart-wrenching story that has meaning and life and greatness. Let’s get back-to-the-basics people. We don’t have to go extreme with Hank Sr…just get back to the simple sounds that country music should be. No more synthesized instruments and electronic sounding voices. Instead of computerized harmony echoes, try the real thing for once.

This happened once before, in the 1980’s. Country started taking on that pop sound that we all know, today. Thankfully, a few artists decided to take back country music and turn it back into what it should be. Travis Tritt,  Alan Jackson, Ricky Skaggs, Patty Loveless, Kathy Mattea, George Strait and The Judds, they did it. Why can’t these new artists rise above and get back-to-the-basics, as well?

Jamey Johnson tried to make real country popular again and lost. Lost his contract; never made a dime on his record sales. He needs some backup though. Alan Jackson tried it, failed and moved on to bluegrass. It’s sad that our greats are having to move on, elsewhere because they don’t fit the mold.

Here’s my thing. If we all can’t agree. Let’s just agree to disagree and make a new genre of music for the new stuff called whatever in the heck you wanna call it – BUT LEAVE COUNTRY MUSIC OUT OF IT. Give real country music a chance to thrive as it once did, pre-pop takeover.

Country music stations: Give the old stuff some air time. Give the struggling real country artists of today a real chance not a “light-rotation” chance. (yes, I call and request and get the same ol’ story every time)

Who knows, maybe we can get back to the real stuff in a couple of years. But, what I’m afraid of is that it’s too far gone. Rapping Country and Electronic Dance Music will prevail in mainstream and real country will continue to live alone, in the background.

That’s all I ask….what about you? How do you feel about today’s “evolved” non-country?